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Ximedes exists to allow a group of smart, friendly and ambitious professionals to work together on relevant and challenging software projects, to the delight of our clients and ourselves. Contact us

About Ximedes

We work for all Dutch major FinTech companies, such as banks and payment processors. Our client list includes well-known labels as ING, Rabobank, Equens, ABN and SNS. In this market our focus is on omni-channel payments and transaction applications.

Public transport companies operate in a similar ecosystem, and so they have similar ICT needs. For the public transport sector we develop software and hardware for mobile ticketing, and check-in/check-out solutions. We support all PTOs in the Netherlands and some solution providers in Germany.

Our Pecunda Payment product suite consists of a combination of hardware and software that allows employees and visitors of places like hospitals, schools and industry sites to use a single token for paying for things like catering, vending, printing and copying. With this solution we service both the Dutch and the German markets. Our client base includes more than 100 customer implementations.

The unifying link between these focus areas is the type of software needed (transactional), and the strong non-functional requirements like security and performance.