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Daimler Payment System

Daimler Trucks, part of Daimler AG Germany, was looking for a new vending supplier to serve all their plants throughout Germany with new vending facilities.

Besides the vending facilities itself, a major part of this project was the implementation of a payment system that would support not only the new vending machines, but also the POS terminals in the canteens, and one that would integrate with their existing employee cards.

Daimler closed the overall vending contract with Coca Cola European Partners Germany and choose the closed loop payment solution of Ximedes: FacilityPro5 (FP5).

Daimler has chosen for Ximedes because of its track record at Daimler Cars, at which also the former version of FacilityPro5, FacilityPro Manager (FPM) is running as closed loop payment system.

With a new FP5 installation for their Trucks department, and with a future migration at their Cars department in mind from FPM to FP5, Daimler will migrate towards one global closed loop payment system that will serve all Daimler plants and employees throughout Germany.

Major part of the project was to migrate all Daimler employee’s cards from the old to the new system. A new digital purse needed to be installed, and all current balances needed to be transferred from the old to the new purse.

Ximedes and Coca Cola teamed up and defined together a test, migration and rollout plan. Our payment system had to be integrated with several other external systems as POS terminals and telemetry systems. After thorough testing at several vending suppliers together with CCEP, the first successful integration tests took place in the beginning of 2017 at one of the Daimler factories. The actual rollout started a few weeks later and was completed in less than 5 weeks. Within this small timeframe, Ximedes was able to install, configure and test all 800 Vending machines, 100 POS terminals, and 100 reloaders across 6 plants in Germany.

After 8 months, the system now contains about than 90.000 cards, and handles more than 1.000.000 transactions each month!

Ximedes supports Daimler and CCEP in their daily remote and onsite support, and provides 2nd and 3rd line support. The system is extended almost every month with new vending machines, POS terminals or additional reloaders and guestbanks.

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