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MASAI is a research project funded by the European comity.  Ximedes is participating in this project as specialist in the field of FareTech.

MASAI will advance on the current, fragmented travel experience by enabling the traveller to plan and manage his European trips easily and the transport providers to become part of an intelligent network of travel options. This will be based on traveller ownedpreferences and profiles.

The research is aimed at stimulating an open ecosystem for easy discovery, navigation and fulfilment of traveller oriented seamless mobility services. It defines, validates and standardises an Architecture, user Attributes and APIs within adequate privacy guidelines.

The project has started on June 1st 2015 and will run for 36 months. The first half of the project will consist of defining specifications, developing prototypes and proofs of concept, followed by several field pilots across Europe running from early 2017 until halfway 2018.

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