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Facility Pro system enabling 4,600 students and staff to do cashless payments at over 50 terminals

ROC Mondriaan

With 26 schools in The Hague, Delft, Leiden and Naaldwijk, Mondriaan offers nearly 200 training programmes and courses in 12 vocational sectors.

ROC Mondriaan moved into new headquarters on the Leeghwaterplein in The Hague in 2008. That was a good opportunity to roll out a modern payment system in the school, and ROC Mondriaan chose Ximedes for this project. A report on the process that led to this choice, the project from the planning stage to installation, and initial experience with the system can be downloaded by clicking on the reference link on this page.

Right from the start, ROC Mondriaan has worked with closed e-purse (FacilityPro) smartcards for staff and open e-purse (Chipknip) cards for payments by students. At the Leeghwaterplein site, we started with payment terminals at 3 cash registers and 25 vending machines, along with 23 terminals for printing and copying and a single MultiBank loading station where staff can reload their purse cards by direct debit or cash.

ROC Mondriaan has grown dramatically since the original installation in 2008, and the Ximedes payment system has kept pace with this growth. For example, in 2011 there was a major expansion at a new-build site: the Waldorpstraat project with 1,200 new users.Ximedes supplied 20 terminals for the coffee, soft drink and snack vending machines and 15 terminals for the multifunctionals. Several other sites were equipped with FacilityPro in 2012, enabling an additional 4,600 students and staff to utilise cashless printing on a daily basis with 51 new FacilityPro MF terminals.

These recent expansions are a clear sign that Ximedes and ROC Mondriaan are happy partners, and we want to keep it that way. Now that Chipknip is scheduled to be discontinued in 2015, we will work together to come up with new solutions.

Download an article on the FacilityPro systeem roll-out in 2008 (in Dutch) »

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