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Secure transport ticketing solutions tailored for you

Our customers are transport operators who understand that cloud-based solutions are the future. We offer scalable and secure solutions for public transport, that can be used as building blocks for your tailored faretech solution.


Faretech Design


You want to provide a fare-collections system to your customers. We build upon our experience to determine the exact functionality needed, together with you. We use the building blocks below to arrive at a customized, yet affordable solution. Required functionality that does not exist yet is developed by our skilled transport development team. You concentrate on how your solution should work functionally, Ximedes takes care of the technical part.

Faretech Software Quality

Software Excellence

Ximedes is dedicated to keep the strong quality image that has been developed throughout the public transport fares market. Our dedication and passion for transport ticketing is what motivates us in our software development and drives innovation. Ximedes has reached the forefront of the public transport ticketing market as a reliable, pragmatic, high performance, top quality and friendly FareTech company.

Quality of service

We offer you the option to manage, support and host your FareTech solution. Like your software we will tailor our managed services completely to your specific needs. Our knowledge of your application combined with monitoring of your application and servers by our service desk provides a seamless worry free experience for you.

Smart Card Solutions (such as the OV Chipkaart)

All card-based solutions need a interaction with a physical device to add new products to the card. For instance, if you have an OV Chipcard and use a mobile application to top-up your balance, you must still tap the card at a physical reader in order to write the new balance to the card. Ximedes makes it possible to use light-weight and off-the-shelf devices like NFC readers, tablets and smartphones to perform reading and writing actions. All devices in the field connect to our central backoffice where all security and business logic safely run. We have several products that support this:

Faretech Pick Up Device

Pick-up Device

Public transport products that are purchased online, have to be transferred to a public transport smart card. Travelers can do this in just a few seconds by simply holding their cards in front of the Ximedes Pick Up Device.

More About PUD
Faretech Point of Sale Terminal

Point of Sale Terminal

The Ximedes Point of Sales Terminal enables your service center staff to support your customers with full information and control over the status of the public transport card to help customers effectively. It also allows them to sell all available products for the public transport card and disposable tickets.

Faretech Mobile Reader

Mobile Smart Card Reader

The Mobile Smart Card Reader allows your mobile staff to provide customers with real time information about their public travel card status. Information like “am I checked in or out?”, “Why is my card not working?”, “What is the current balance on my card?” can be provided on the spot by using the Ximedes Mobile Smart Card Reader application. This application reads both plastic and disposable cards.


Account based traveling

Technologies like 4G, Bluetooth and NFC offer ways to make traveling with public transportation more convenient. Ximedes is heavily involved in these kinds of innovations, providing travelers with new ways to check-in, based on their accounts and a mobile phone, rather than a specific card.

Mobile Ticketing

Ximedes’ Mobile Ticketing solution supports HCE (i.e. NFC) as well as QR-codes. Purchase your tickets anywhere, on a website or using an App, and tap your phone against a reader to check-in. Mobile Ticketing is a viable alternative to card-based solutions that can be used right away.

Check-in  with Bluetooth Low Energy

With this check-in solution you can keep your phone in your pocket. When waling towards a turnstile, BLE detectors see you, determine if you have a valid ticket and – if so – pro-actively open the gate. Ximedes developed a working solution for Scheidt & Bachmann.

Be In Be Out

With Be In Be Out travelers are magically checked into a bus or a train by just boarding it. Carrying your phone into a public transport vehicle is enough. It is detected by Bluetooth beacons, which communicate to Ximedes’ local and Cloud-based servers, where the trip is automatically registered. At the end of the day the cheapest available product is used to calculate the fares and bill you.

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