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We Design, Build and Run software solutions for Fintech companies.

As a Fintech company you want to surprise your clients by continuously adding and improving on functionality that is relevant to them. For a unique proposition that sets you apart, you need custom software. Ximedes is an expert in building custom software products. Moreover, with 15 years of experience in building Fintech software, we understand exactly what you need, and we can help you design your new service.


Without a clearly articulated vision and goal you can’t develop a successful software product. And a viable plan is needed to build the software, as it provides you with the ability to track progress. Ximedes helps you define your goals and forge a project plan during a short intense Design Phase. During this phase Ximedes also dives into the most prominent technical challenges to ensure feasibility.

How we work


Our customers demand high-quality software. But what exactly is good software? Good software meets three criteria: Fitness for use, fitness for purpose and fitness for change. Although the latter is as important as the first two, it is often forgotten. Fitness for change allows Ximedes to be agile, during the initial development and during the entire lifecycle of your product.

Building Quality Software

Fintech Run


Ximedes offers Application Lifecycle Management services to guarantee your software can be changed, tested and delivered swiftly, against costs that are related only to the size of the change, and nothing else. The bespoke solutions that we use can change it whenever and however you wish – there is no release calendar, no change approval by the vendor and no required license upgrades.

Running your software



Products and Open API’s

We believe in an open world. All software we deliver features well-designed REST or SOAP API’s that connect them to the rest of the world. Ximedes has two mature Fintech products that can be used as the cornerstone of a wide range of solutions. These products are built on the same philosophy of openness.

Pure SVA

PURE SVA is a Virtual Account System. It allows you to create millions of accounts, one or more for each of your customers, all having a balance. PURE SVA connects to your business’ bank account, which holds the money that is managed by PURE SVA. Virtual Accounts are topped up using credit cards, SDD’s, iDEAL and other payment methods. Transfers between virtual accounts are instant, secure and without any charges.

More about PURE SVA

MasterPass Wallet Accellerator

Pecunda, a modular platform that accelerates your MasterPass wallet development. Hosted as a stand-alone version or seamlessly integrated with your existing systems. Allowing a risk-free, fully PCI compliant  implementation of all MasterPass functionalities and API’s. Complying with MasterCard’s latest requirements regarding security and branding. Why build your own?

More About MasterPass


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