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FacilityPro Applications

FacilityPro products provides build-in features and open API’s for integration in your services and systems. Specific supported services include: Catering, shops, vending, printing, laundry, library, parking and access control. Open payment API’s provide support for your online and mobile services.


Catering, Shop & Kiosk

Cashless payment is secure, hygienic and convenient for caterers and customers alike. It eliminates the costs and risks associated with handling large amounts of cash. Transaction speed is also high with electronic payment, so you can reduce queuing time at cash registers. What’s more, you can assign budgets to specific users and you have a good view of your turnover.

FacilityPro supports catering applications with the following specific features and products:

  • FacilityPro POS: a payment terminal for electronic payment at cash registers. It comes with an open API for integration into your Cash Register System.
  • FacilityPro Totalizer: a payment terminal integrated in your canteen turnstiles for buffet payments
  • FacilityPro miniPOS: a combined payment terminal and simple cash register, suitable for points of sale with a limited range of products.
  • FacilityPro Pre-order: a touchscreen based pre-order system which allows you to have pre-orders collected and paid at selfservice points of sale.
  • FacilityPro Transact: an open API for real-time export of payment transactions for integration into your ECR back-office and/or ERP system.

We collaborate with suppliers of ECR systems for integration and implementation of our POS interface like Eijsink, Quarto, Fidelity, Hendrickx, Kassanet, Micros, Straight Systems, TCPOS, TL1.


Printing & Copying

Removing the need for cash payment makes multifunctionals, photocopiers and printers much more attractive for users. In addition, you can grant discounts or allocate budgets to users or user groups. For example, you can allow teachers to use copiers for free and allocate usage to cost centers.

FacilityPro supports follow-me/on-demand functionality, which allows print jobs to be sent to a printer selected by the user. Printing on demand is also supported. This means that printing does not start until the print job owner is actually standing next to the machine. That reduces environmental impact by eliminating waste from jobs that are printed out but not picked up.

FacilityPro supports printing & copying applications with the following specific features and products:

  • FacilityPro MF: a payment terminal for electronic payment with multifunctionals, printers and copiers. The terminal is with open API’s connected  to print management software and/or print spooler software for print jobs. The smartcards or IDs of students and other users are linked to their login names.
  • FacilityPro Gateway: software to interface with 3th party print spooler software and/or print management software.
  • FacilityPro MF Stand: basic or touchscreen stand to house the payment terminal and optional a touchscreen for the user self service interface.

We collaborate with the major manufacturers and suppliers of multi functional printers, copiers & scanners as well as print management software products like : Canon, Ricoh, Xerox, Konica Minolta, Papercut, Pcounter, UniFLOW etc.



Vending machines dispense beverages and snacks or other products without any staff involvement. Cashless payment makes them even more attractive for users. Studies show that turnover rises in a cashless environment, while operating costs drop. Sounds good? FacilityPro Vending payment terminals are suitable for every type of vending machine for selling hot or cold drinks, snacks or something else.

FacilityPro supports vending applications with the following specific features and products:

  • FacilityPro Vend: a payment terminal for integration in your vending machines. FaciltyPro Vending supports the  open EVA vending API’s like MDB and Executive for vending machines.

We work close together with major vending machines manufacturers and suppliers to support integration of our terminal into your vending machines. Existing collaborations include: ABOS Ultimate Vending, Automatencentrale, Autobar, Coca-Cola, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Hakado Automatencatering, Jaski Automaten, Maas International, Selecta, Van Duijnen Horeca Service, Vending@Work.


Parking & Access control

Limit access to specific areas, such as car parks, offices,  computer rooms, labs, buildings etc., to  particular users or user groups,. Access is granted based on user identification with a card or other form of electronic ID.

FacilityPro support parking & access applications with FacilityPro Access  an electronic transaction terminal to control access to an area with an open API for integration into the parking barrier and/or area lock system.

FacilityPro Access terminals are available in several versions for both indoor and outdoor use. There are models to suit virtually every electric door, barrier gate, turnstile or other access port.



Laundry services are often provided with coin operated machines. That’s convenient, but unfortunately using coins is a nuisance. Users have to come with the right coins, and sometimes coins get jammed in the machines. The operator also has to collect the coins regularly.

FacilityPro support laundry applications with FacilityPro LAVO an electronic payment terminal with touchscreen for up to eight washing machines and dryers, which puts an end to the hassle of coin-operated machines.

Electronic interfaces to wash and drying machines are based on timed relayed On/Off signals.



Libraries have to accept payments, such as fines for overdue books.

FacilityPro support library applications with FacilityPro miniPOS, a basic and simple POS to support payment of fines for manned services and FacilityPro Library standa touchscreen based stand with integrated payment terminal for unmanned selfservice payment of fines.

The library stand supports an open API interface to the library management system to request and settle library fees based on the ID credentials.



Lockers are handy for storing personal effects safely. With FacilityPro, locker access can be handled electronically for payment or authorization of the locker management system.

FacilityPro support locker applications with FacilityPro LOCK.  An electronic payment terminal with an open API for integration into a locker management system.

We collaborate with Nedap, the developer of the Nedap LoXS locker security system, and other locker management suppliers.


 Open Payment API’s

FacilityPro Cloud with its online balance & credentials provides an open payment API for integration of remote and online systems and applications like print management, cloud based POS systems, mobile payment terminals etc.

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