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Make Cashless Payments. Analyse. Report.

Our fully featured FacilityPro platform provides you with a highly configurable and powerful cashless payment system to manage & control users, usage and payment of services like catering, printing and vending. Define privileges like discounts & budgets for user groups. Perform in-depth analysis, reporting and auditing on usage, sales and cost allocation. Mobile and online access for your users to manage their individual account, transactions, budgets and balance.


Reduced costs, queues and cash. Improved security, revenues and convenience.




FacilityPro solutions are used internationally by small, medium and large multi-site organisations in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Ireland and the United Kingdom serving payment needs for typical markets like Education, Industry, Healthcare, Office & Government.

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FacilityPro products provides build-in features and open interfaces for integration in your services and systems. Supported services included: Catering, shops, vending, printing, laundry, library, parking and access control. Open payment API’s provide support for your online and mobile services.

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FacilityPro comes with a set of services to make life with FacilityPro even more easy. Whether you need support for daily operations, hosting or just support to resolve technical issues, our experienced helpdesk and service team is available with in-depth knowledge to support your FacilityPro solution.

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FacilityPro consists of a range of products that integrate seamless with your online, mobile and proximity payment needs, your ID-cards as well as your card management, ID management and ERP systems. Our R&D team is continuously adding features and available to design and develop specific features together with you.

FacilityPro Manager

Basic but powerful PC-based management software to manage & control a smart-card based FacilityPro solution with purse and credentials on the card. It allows you to manage cards, card-holders, terminals, products, privileges, transactions, reports etc.

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FacilityPro Cloud

Web-based management software that allows you to manage & control an account-based FacilityPro solution supporting online and offline purses and credentials. Its integrated payment engine supports online, mobile and proximity payments for your online accounts.

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FacilityPro Portal

Online and mobile access to their FacilityPro account for end-users to manage their account, transactions, purse, cards, ID’s and privileges. It supports online or mobile reloading of purse and privileges with popular payment methods like PayPal, credit card, debit card.

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FacilityPro terminals

Our terminals support a wide range of use cases with open API’s and electronic interfaces for integration in your manned and unmanned service environments. Support is provided for most types of smart cards, EMV contactless and other ID-based authentication devices.

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FacilityPro stations

Self-service stations can be configured to your needs supporting a powerful range of applications. From basic reloaders to advanced touchscreen based guest stations with card dispensers. Its all there and if not we design a custom version to meet your needs.

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FacilityPro E-money

An e-money service providing epurses and management of banking flows and related clearing & settlement services. Comes with a auto reload service for users using the Europe-wide Sepa Direct Debit system to collect top ups from the users bank accounts.

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