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Ximedes product for Stored Value Accounts

Pure SVA

If your business is targeting customers in a closed physical or virtual environment, like a gym or a crowdfunding community, there is no need to process all of the the transactions through the traditional payment networks. In many of these cases a Closed Loop Account System can be an interesting alternative to transfer value between the consumers and companies your business is serving.

PURE SVA is a robust and dependable Closed Loop Account System. It  Stores Value of Accounts and the transactions between them. SVA is offered as a hosted service. The API allows you to implement it in a way that  fully supports your unique proposition and business model.

SVA is fast. Transfers can be done to and from any device with an internet connection. SVA transfers happen instantly and without transaction charges. This is especially interesting for businesses build around a large number of transactions of relatively small amounts.Header-Visuals-02-PureSVA-03-vrijstaand-01

 SVA, connects digital value with “real” money on your bank account. It includes a top-up tool so your clients can charge their SVA accounts using iDeal, SDD or a PSP (Adyen).  For withdrawing funds Pure SVA  generates SCT files.  The integration with your bank account includes automatic reconciliation of your bank statement and PSP files to match the value in the SVA accounts with your bank statements at any time.

SVA is a product built and maintained by Ximedes.Through our Software Development Center we can offer help in integrating SVA with your own IT systems. We can develop customised interfacing solutions that enable you to offer a truly unique proposition

We work for most of the major banks in The Netherlands and we are instrumental in helping our customers innovate their business operations. With SVA we have built a product that combines our experience in handeling transactions with our vision to make dealing with payments as simple as possible. This makes SVA a suitable solution fintech companies, big and small.

If you want to learn more, please get in touch with us and tell us about your business so we can explore the possibilities together with you!

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