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Ximedes designs, builds and runs payment software. We work for all the large banks in the Netherlands as well as for startups. We also provide fare collection systems to public transport organizations and our own cashless payment system is used by large Universities and Industry plants in the EU. Working from our inspiring offices in Haarlem, we build cool solutions such as mobile payments solutions, secure transactions, mobile ticketing and wallets all based on the latest technology.

A Commercial Manager at Ximedes has a deep affinity for software and the way it is build, as well as good knowledge about existing payment systems and legislation. This knowledge allows our Commercial Managers to understand and even shape the outlines of the bespoke software we sell to our clients.

Ximedes uses agile methodologies and highly skilled software architects and engineers to make a success of our projects. Building payment systems is hard; there is very little room for error. Our Commercial Managers are part of the success by selling software systems that exceed our clients’ expectations, but still possible to be build by our development teams. This balancing act makes the job hard, but very rewarding.

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Candidates have a minimum of 2 years B2B sales experience in selling IT services or software. As a large part of our firm builds bespoke software, we literally sell an idea. That means you have to be a strong conceptual thinker and able to convince our clients to select our idea, often over pre-existing systems.
We require candidates to have a bachelor degree or higher qualification, preferably in science. The job also requires fluent language skills in Dutch and English.

If you are interested in this vacancy and you possess the sales skills and experience listed above, please send your CV and motivation to


Acquisition by recruitment agencies is not appreciated.


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