22 November 2016 Gijs ter Horst

Ximedes Fintech Meetup

On Thursday november the 17th, Ximedes organised an event about the the future of IT in banking, where Kenny van Ierlant was invited to talk about his prediction that banks cannot continue to exist the way they are in a world where Silicon Valley-based companies are introducing new economic truths.  Kenny explained why banks should no longer invest in their own IT infrastructure but instead make use of IT systems and services made available by tech giants like Amazon and Google and limit their own IT developments to services that are in direct relation with the authenticity of a bank.

Since most of the attendees were IT managers responsible for current and future IT systems at the banks, the presentation resulted in an interesting discussion. The overall conclusion of the event was that the vision presented by Kenny is probably not as extreme as it seems and that banks should indeed consider much bigger and more fundamental changes in IT, than the ones currently being working on.

All in all a very inspiring event!