22 January 2016 admin

Ximedes Press Release

With immediate effect, Chess iX and Magna Carta will trade under a new common name: Ximedes, marking the full integration of their business activities.

The Haarlem software company Chess iX acquired Magna Carta Chipcard Solutions in Amsterdam in September 2014. The acquisition created an organisation with over eighty employees and an annual turnover of more than 8 million euros. It also resulted in a wide-ranging, internationally oriented organisational structure providing innovative solutions for the growth market of mobile and contactless payment and public transport transactions.

The introduction of the new common name Ximedes puts the finishing touches to the process of integrating these two successful companies. The name Ximedes is an amalgam of Chess iX and Archimedes, the Greek mathematician whose capacity for perseverance and innovation made him one of the greatest logical thinkers in world history. The name serve as an indication that the company will continue to blaze a cutting-edge trail in the tech industry, while staying true to its history and its foundations.

René Hodde, Ximedes CEO: “At Ximedes, we firmly believe in a point that the author, Jim Collins, makes in his book Good to Great: ‘Being good at what you do is not enough to make a company successful; you also need to enjoy doing it.’ Our new structure and the name Ximedes create new standards for maintaining our core values: we design and deliver excellent transaction processing software for innovative organisations; we are committed to helping our clients achieve their business objectives by supplying software development expertise and by combining the latter with our own smart standard software and hardware components, we can guarantee quality and a short time-to-market.”

2016 promises to be a prosperous year for Ximedes. The company has a strong, loyal client base and a fantastic team of technically gifted and passionate employees. It offers the market the newest software development, products and support, it is financially sound and consistently achieves good results. In addition, the company has a solid plan for the next few years, where smart software will make the difference, not only in the Netherlands but particularly in growing markets such as Germany.